Hungarian courts can provide authenticated information either in a certified or uncertified format (in Hungarian). In this case, certification means that an electronic signature is applied to prevent any corruption of the data during transmission. The data so obtained are more reliable, and are therefore awarded a higher probative force in court or administrative procedures as well. From the above, we use electronically signed information in all cases for our services.

In a paper based format:
Should our customer request certified company information in a paper based format, our company will naturally obtain the requested data in a certified paper based format from the court as well. To ensure the attestation of the translation, our company obtains a certified copy regulated by law of the so received company information, thus, the so obtained translation will be awarded a probative force of an official public document in an administrative or court procedure. However, the requirements for certification or formal requirements may vary from country to country. Thus, if you need such a certified company information, then we advise you to gather information in your own country as to whether there are any additional formal requirements such company information has to comply with (eg. an apostille), and contact our customer service ( paper@companyregister.hu ) to discuss how such formal requirements can be met.